What’s New?

I’m teaching a one-shot cartooning class with Catapult. The Art of the Cartoon meets on June 16th from 1-5pm. Sign up today! 

My next book is Artificial: a love story. This graphic memoir chronicles my father’s mission to resurrect his own father through a union of A.I. and the documents saved in a storage unit, exploring how our relationship to the past will change in the future. Forthcoming in [future date!] from Catapult/Black Balloon.

If you’re going to read one thing about my debut graphic memoir, Flying Couch, make it this breathtakingly beautiful review by Hannah Baker Saltmarsh, with Tikkun, from Duke University Press. 

It’s summer. I’m off to teach a course called The Graphic Novel to gifted high school students at The Center for Talented Youth. Then I will escape to Djerassi Resident Artists Program.